Why SSI Busan?

SSI Busan Campus is an educational institution accredited by Cognia, the world’s largest educational accreditation body, which manages over 30,000 public and private schools and local school districts across the United States and approximately 16 million students in over 70 countries.

Students at SSI Busan Campus spend a meaningful time exploring their own journey of academic excellence. In both primary (grades 1–5) to secondary (grades 6–12), project-based learning is the primary characteristic distinction of SSIBC’s classes where students can be motivated in a way that helps students to think critically. Moreover, we offer Advanced Placement classes which allow students to learn a subject at a more advanced level (college introductory level) and develop their intellectual ability which will be beneficial in their further academic pursuits.

The tight-knit and dynamic community at SSI Busan supports students in acclimating to our academically rigorous environment. Students work closely with their instructors, counselors and peers to achieve their academic and personal goals.

Successful Outcomes

Our students go “from here to anywhere”. Seoul Scholars International, a pioneer in private international education in Korea, teaches hundreds of students in 4 campuses spread in Seoul and Busan. We have an impressive admissions record, with more than 70 percent of graduating students entering the top 50 universities in the United States, and without anyone left behind, 100 percent of the students get accepted to universities around the globe.

Personalized Student Counseling

Seoul Scholars Academic Advisors play a central role in supporting and customizing the educational experiences of SSI Busan students. Advisors work with students promptly upon admission to design an academic journey that fits well to each and every one of our students. They continue to monitor students’ progress and support them in achieving academic success.

Professional Counseling Team

The Counseling Department provides students with a broad range of services designed to ensure that their academic, emotional, and social developmental needs are met. When students are struggling, we work with students, parents, instructors, and academic advisors to develop and implement customized academic and behavior plans.

Among the support services we provide are:

  • One-on-one, short-term, confidential counseling
  • Regular student check-ins on course workload using a fading scaffold support approach
  • Consultation with parents, instructors, and other educators
  • Development of Student Improvement
  • Plans Intervention and advocacy at a systemic level
  • Referral to in-house peer-supported programs such as tutoring
  • Referrals to outside support services, or community resources

It All Starts With a consultation!

We also collaborate with the academic advisors to design educational resources for students, including enrichment courses, workshops and mini-lessons on topics such as time management, organization and study skills. Our comprehensive counseling program promotes the success and well-being of all Seoul Scholars students.