Elementary School (Grade 1-5)

The early years of a child’s life have a significant impact on who he or she will become. Our focus is instilling in each student a genuine love for learning, a strong moral compass, a sense of self-understanding, and confidence in all that he or she will accomplish.

The primary school is focused on a caring and inspiring educational environment in which the youngest members of the SSI Busan Campus are encouraged to discover the joy of learning.

SSI Busan Campus adapted the U.S. core curriculum into our education framework to meet the needs of our community. SSI Busan students receive an excellent education in traditional core subjects: reading and writing, mathematics, science, social studies. In every discipline, the curriculum allows students to develop communication skills, gain multi-cultural understanding and understand deep analysis of local, regional and global issues. Moreover, athletics and the arts are central pursuits at SSI Busan Campus, challenging students to become creative problem-solvers and confident leaders.

Our small teacher-student ratio allows small groups and one-on-one learning to help the students to advance at their own developmental pace and discover and explore their interests and passions.

Students’ performance and attitudes are evaluated in a written report. Each teacher monitors and reports the overall progress of each and every student they teach and they also meet in teams to review student performance. Narrative reports are mailed home two times a year, and parent teacher conferences are held after the midterm.

Students can further pursue their academic aspirations with the transdisciplinary teaching of SSI Busan which is evident in the ways they continue to develop into critical thinkers, effective collaborators, skillful communicators, creative learners, and ethical global citizens, in preparation for the opportunities and growth ahead of secondary school and beyond.