Middle & High School
(Grade 6-12)

The secondary school education at SSI Busan Campus encourages the growth of independence and responsibility as students prepare for the challenges, rigor, responsibilities, and freedom they will face at college and in their adult life. Students select from a wide variety of course offerings, including intensive and focused research projects and Advanced Placement courses.

SSI Busan prepares students to build the world of tomorrow through engaging them in an environment that emphasizes the importance of strong work ethic, critical thinking skills, effective oral and written communication, and lifelong enjoyment of intellectual pursuits.

Students must take four major courses each semester (Chosen from English, mathematics, foreign language, science, history), and Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered in varied disciplines.


No. English Math Science Social Studies Elective
Jr,Level English 6(ELL) General math Life Science Jr. Geography ART
English 7(ELL) Pre-Algebra Physical Science Jr. World History MUSIC
English 8(ELL) Algebra I General Science Jr. US History PE
English 9 Geometry General Science Geography Foregin Language
English 10 Algebra II Biology World History
English 11 Pre-Calculus Chemistry US History
English 12 Physics
AP Lit & Comp AP Statistics AP Biology AP W-History AP Art History
AP Lang & Comp AP Calculus AP Chemistry AP US History AP Music Theory
AP Physics AP Econ. Mc. Mic.
AP Computer Sci. AP Psychology