Welcome from the Director of Enrollment

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Seoul Scholars Office of Admission. At SSI, our global student body engages in deep intellectual inquiry led by passionate instructors who are experts in their fields. In real-time, discussion-based seminars, SSI students work at levels that challenge them alongside their equally motivated and curious peers. Indeed, the Seoul Scholars community is one of strong social bonds forged in classes, clubs, and community activities. The academy’s flexible enrollment options, and college-style class schedule allow students to pursue additional academic or extracurricular commitments.

The Seoul Scholars seeks to admit intellectually curious and motivated students with a record of achievement both in and out of the classroom. We select students who will contribute positively to the secondary education community and for whom the Seoul Scholars is the right “fit” both academically and socially. The admission committee assesses individual applicant potential and aims to build a cohesive secondary education community.

I invite you to explore our website and encourage you to learn more about our institution and consider whether Seoul Scholars is the right choice for you.

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