Seoul Scholars is a college preparatory private academy that challenges students with rigorous academic programs specifically tailored to prepare them for the demands of higher education abroad. Building upon the diversity of current climate, we aim to prepare students to contribute and thrive in a heterogeneous academic environment. We will enable students to develop skills to achieve their goals and in turn to be thoughtful leaders in their respective fields and of their generation.

Our mission is to provide stimulating and challenging education that prepares and inspires students for successful academic careers. To accomplish our goal, we put emphasis on rigorous and advanced curriculum. The development of skills in writing and oral communication, acquisition of mastery in subjects, critical thinking and  understanding social responsibilities are all part of our education.

Our Beliefs:

  • We at Seoul Scholars, thrive for diversity and believe that it is a precious asset; the inclusion and engagement of all community members are essential to our collective success.
  • Students learn best when their curiosity is stimulated, and they are encouraged to take intellectual risks.
  • Service is critical to the development of students’ character and sense of civic responsibility.
  • SSI, as an institution, is committed to the same process of self-exploration that it cultivates in its students.
  • We strive to build a cohesive, mutually supportive, academic community to serve as a model for the community at large.
  • Our essential purpose is to foster the highest level of academic achievement for each student.
  • Students thrive when provided with the necessary intellectual and emotional supports to meet the challenges of today’s academic setting.
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