Club and Activities

SSI BUSAN CAMPUS 2022~2023 After-class Activities

Name Classes Activity Notes
Laura Jun MS/HS English Board Game Club Games that involve using English only, such as Taboo, Bananagrams, Codenames
Laura Jun MS/HS School Magazine/Newspaper Club Using design programs to create a monthly school magazine/newspaper
Eric Druschel ES & MS/HS Chess Club-
Yashen Moodley MS/HS Business Club-
Jaden Hong ES & MS/HS Basketball Club
Richard Lee MS/HS Art Club
Roberto Gourlay ES Indoor Soccer Club- Preparation and practice for 5-a-side indoor soccer games.
Alicia Kim ES Puzzle Club
Paul Carmody ES & MS/HS Fitness Club A gruelling workout focussing on both anaerobic body weight exercises, and cardiovascular training
Margaret Chow ES & MS/HS Rubik’s Cube Club For anyone wanting to learn how to solve the Rubik’s Cube.
External instructor ES Coding Club Learn to code by making games
Miguel Tejera MS/HS Coding Club Learn to code by building web apps.
Richard Lee MS/HS Architecture Club Design houses, buildings and other manmade structures. Involves conceptual design, perspective drawing, making blueprints, and 3D modeling.
Jaden Hong ES & MS/HS Dodgeball Club
Jess Kim MS/HS MUN Club An educational simulation in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations
External instructor ES & MS/HS Fencing Club
External instructor ES & MS/HS Golf Club