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SSI Busan Campus is a top-notch private American educational institution.

We provide diverse learning environments to our students.

Why SSI Busan Campus?

SSI Busan Campus is an educational institution certified by Cognia, the world’s largest educational certification institution, and manages about 16 million students in more than 30,000 public and private schools, regional school districts, and 70 countries.

Unlike Korean-style education, which simply delivers knowledge unilaterally, all classes are operated by project-based learning, which develops the power to think alone and motivates students themselves. For students, who are in beginning level in English, we actively support them to adapt to the 100% English class environment and improve English through the operation of English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, and provides various after-school activities to foster students’ leadership. SSI also provide AP (Early College Curriculum) classes to help SSI students gain competitiveness in college entrance exams and enter on a slightly more favorable condition.

A top-notch private American educational institutions

Seoul Scholars International Busan Campus is a top-notch private American educational institution that challenges its students with rigorous academic programs specifically tailored to prepare them for the demands of higher education. Building upon today’s climate celebrating diversity, we provide a heterogeneous academic environment to prepare students to contribute and thrive. We aim to enable students to develop skills to achieve their goals and become successful leaders in their respective fields, but we also prioritize reminding them to carry important values that will help them become thoughtful leaders in their generation that can affect positive change.

  • International Education Certification – Education accredited by Cognia, the world’s largest educational certification institution

  • Successful results – Students can apply to “Any Universities” worldwide with the diploma obtained

  • Customized student counseling – Academic and career counseling will be provided upon admission

SSI Busan Campus aims to foster the highest level of academic and personal achievement based on each student’s unique abilities and talents.


Our mission is to provide a stimulating and challenging educational experience that prepares and inspires our students for their successful academic journey. To accomplish our goal, we put high emphasis on providing a rigorous and advanced curriculum as well as opportunities for the students to explore their intellectual curiosity. The development of skills in writing and oral communication, acquisition of mastery in subjects, critical thinking and  understanding social responsibilities are all part of our education. Another priority at SSI Busan Campus is to encourage students to develop their passions and build their own path, which we achieve through providing ample opportunities to engage in student-led activities on a regular basis and arranging systemic guidance counseling.

SSI Busan Campus provides opportunities to learn diversity and inclusion, and generously supports students to actively participate and continue to communicate.

Intellectual curiosity is an important factor in continuing your studies and allows you to continue learning steadily. SSI Busan Campus actively encourages students to learn through their own experiences.

SSI Busan Campus believes that respecting and caring for others is very important for students’ personality development, and it is making its best efforts to instill a global mind in students.

SSI Busan Campus encourages students to explore knowledge on their own and actively supports them to get to know their thoughts, opinions, and values.

SSI Busan Campus strives to cooperate with each other and build a community with intellectual curiosity so that students can set an example to the community to which they belong.

SSI Busan Campus aims to foster the highest level of academic and personal achievement based on each student’s unique abilities and talents.

There is the best three-week program for second to seventh graders who wish to experience international education during the vacation.

The program is led by experienced and passionate faculty and staff. Students participate in creative classes and various activities, think critically inside and outside the classroom, work and learn cooperatively, and experience and understand what it means to live and learn in SSI Busan.

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