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Jul 25, 2024

A silver medal at the 2022 Seoul Metropolitan Association Long-Term Fencing Championship

Chahyun(Hailey), a fourth-year student at SSI Busan Campus, has recently achieved a remarkable feat by winning a silver medal at the prestigious 2022 Seoul Metropolitan Association Long-Term Fencing Championship. Despite her young age, Chahyun has consistently demonstrated her dedication to the sport and has an impressive track record of accomplishments.

Notably, Chahyun's exceptional skills and hard work paid off when she clinched a gold medal at the Busan City Sports Association Club and Fellow Fencer Championship. Additionally, she showcased her talent by securing a respectable third place in the highly competitive Busan City Superintendent of Education Fencing Tournament. Chahyun's unwavering commitment to training, combined with the support and friendly competition among her senior teammates, contributed to her outstanding achievements.

SSI Busan Campus recognizes the importance of providing accessible opportunities for students to engage in fencing. To this end, the campus offers weekly fencing classes and has state-of-the-art facilities dedicated to the sport within its gymnasium. These resources are overseen by experienced instructors with an impressive repertoire of medals.

Driven by her deep passion for fencing, Chahyun will continue to devote herself to rigorous practice sessions, aiming to further enhance her skills and capabilities as an athlete. It is hoped that she will emerge as one of the leading figures responsible for shaping the future of domestic fencing. SSI Busan Campus remains committed to supporting the growth and development of its students, sparing no effort in providing continuous attention and assistance to foster their competitive edge.