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Jul 25, 2024

“Certificate of Award Presented to Yoo Sooyeon for Winning the Gold Prize in the 2023 IYAC New York Exhibition Teenage Painting Contest”

New York, NY - MySLide Corp., a leading organization in the field of art promotion, is proud to recognize Yoo Sooyeon (a 10th grade student at SSIBC, Korea) as the Gold Prize Winner of the highly acclaimed 2023 IYAC New York Exhibition Teenage Painting Contest.

The annual contest, organized by MySLide Corp., is dedicated to showcasing and celebrating the artistic talents of young painters worldwide. The impressive number of submissions received this year makes Sooyeon's achievement even more remarkable.

Sooyeon's exceptional painting captivated the judges with its unique artistic perspective, skillful technique, and imaginative vision. The judges were particularly impressed by the artist's ability to convey emotions and stories through the artwork, demonstrating a level of talent and creativity well beyond their years.

As the recipient of the Gold Prize, Yoo Sooyeon will receive a prestigious certificate of award, presented by MySLide Corp. This recognition not only highlights the artist's outstanding achievement but also provides a platform to showcase their work at the highly anticipated 2023 IYAC New York Exhibition.

The 2023 IYAC New York Exhibition, known for attracting art enthusiasts and professionals from around the world, offers Sooyeon a unique opportunity to present their winning painting to a global audience. This recognition is a significant milestone in their artistic journey and will undoubtedly open doors to future opportunities and collaborations within the art community.

Sooyeon's achievement in winning the Gold Prize in the 2023 IYAC New York Exhibition Teenage Painting Contest reflects her dedication, skill, and passion for the art form. SSIBC congratulates her on this remarkable accomplishment and wishes her continued success in her artistic endeavors.

Description of Artwork:
Each individual water droplet that makes up the sea represents the fleeting nature of time passing by us. The deeper our bodies are immersed in that time, the artwork portrays the aging and dying of the 'self'. The white fish and jellyfish in the shallower waters are depicted with bright colors to express freedom and vitality. It conveys the meaning that since everyone cannot escape the passage of time and prevent death, we should always live a happy and joyful life.